15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My beby's ultrasound report shows that his weight is 105.3 gm and this app shows that his weight is near about 94. Something is that normal

Answer: Hi. Slight up down is normal. App show the approx weight of baby, that how much it should be. And usg shows the actual weight that how much your baby weught is. So your baby is 10 gm more than the approx weight which is quite normal. So dont worry just eat healthy and stay active. Good luck
Answer: Don't worry.. Slight variation is normal.. The app shows an average wt.. So don't worry...
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Question: I m 32 week pregnant, ultrasound report shows my baby weight is 2400 Gm. Is it normal or what should I do. My diabetes and BP is normal
Answer: This is the time your baby can grow or gain weight.....you should eat healthy now till delivery so that the baby can get the essential nutrients from you....stay healthy and positive....the baby is fine....but do notice the movement of the baby regularly...
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Question: Hello, my baby is six month and his body temperature always shows 94-95. Is this okay or not??
Answer: Hello Dear! A normal temperature for a 6 month old baby is 98.6°F to 99.6°F, hence if you are worried about fever please dont be, as its quite normal.
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Question: in my ultrasound report of 8 month baby weight is 1700 gm is it right weight???
Answer: the average weight of baby at 32 weeks is 1.7 kg.. maintain the same...all the best
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