22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My rubella IgG is high and IgG avidity is low... What does it mean??

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Answer: Hi, A rubella test detects antibodies that are made by the immune system to help kill the rubella virus.A woman infected with rubella virus during pregnancy can transmit the disease to her baby which could lead to serious birth defects.This test is done for women who is or wants to get pregnant to determine whether she is at risk for rubella. If the rubella test is positive i.e. more that 10IU/mL igG antibodies is a good report- it means that you are immune to rubella and cannot get the infection.
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Question: What does it mean if rubella igg and igm both are negative and high.. It is safe to plan pregnancy..??
Answer: Hi dear, rubella is a virus causing infection which leads to miscarriage. Rubella igg and IGM both are test of antibodies and if the result is negative it means you have no past infection of rubella and you are safe to conceive.
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Question: I have high cmv igg and rubella igg values in my recent 8 weeks blood tests. What does it mean?
Answer: It means u had past infection for these virus, and igg suggests that you have antibodies for these viruses in your body. It has now no any effect .it suggests past infection. Igm means new or recent infection
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Question: My rubella igg test is positive and the level is 68.70 what does it mean??
Answer: Hi rubella igg test positive means it is a good sign and you won't get this infection the level below 71 ml is considered to be normal so don't worry everything is fine. Take care
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