9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My rubella igg 1.86 and my rubella igm is negative can these virus affect my pregnancy answer me

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Answer: Dear as your IgG is present but IgM is negative it means you have no recent encounter of rubella virus and your baby is safe. As igg is present it will help to prevnt any furlther infection in mother and baby.
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    Madhvi Gogia130 days ago

    Thnx a lot

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Question: If rubella igg and cmv igg value is positive and rubella igm ,cmv igm is negative..so can it affect the baby?
Answer: Usually igg does not have any effect on the baby but still when u go for NT scan, pls inform your radiologist about TORCH reports. Radiologist will chk and confirm about any effect of TORCH on the baby. Additionally start taking Torchnil medicine for 3 months. it's an ayurvedic medicine
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Question: Does CMV igG positive but CMV igM negative and rubella igG positive and rubella igM negative effect pregnancy
Answer: It affected my pregnancy . I took anti rubella vaccination n 10 days tablets fir CMV. Pls check with your doctor.
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Question: Hello Please anyone can tell .my rubella igg is positive and rubella igm is negative .what does it mean?
Answer: You should not give.because its already hot climate .may be he/ she can have loose motion.
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