17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my right side leg pain in centre this is common or not. im 15week pregnant

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Answer:  Legs pain swelling are common during pregnancy, it's because of expansion of uterus may put pressure on your nerves and blood vessels in the legs causing pain and swelling. You can have massage, put your legs in hot water adding rock salt,. Take plenty of rest. Use a pregnancy pillow which gives you good sleep and gives you comfort to your legs. Drink lots of dear..
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Question: Hi mam iam 8 months pregnant, iam getting right side stomuch pain is this common or not
Answer: Hi mam it s normal...pls dnt wry mam.if you have continous pain then check with the doctor
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Question: Tooth pain on right side, is it common or not
Answer: Yes it may happen and you can use clove oil and salt water gargling would help.
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Question: Right side back pain is common..?or not
Answer: Yes this is common , you can apply muscle relaxant.
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