36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My right hand is heavily paining.. what is the remedy?

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Answer: Hi,it could be due to musclar pain,you can do hot water bag compression,can also get warm mustard oil massage done to get relief
Answer: It must be carpel tunnel syndrome due to compression of median nerve ...juz take rest..if very severe can take paracetamol .
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    sajida p947 days ago

    Paracetamol🙄? In pregnancy ?

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Question: My hand muscles are paining.... Plz tell me the remedy
Answer: It can be due to the increase water retention You can apply pain killer gel and also try cold fomentation, that is dip your hand in cold water You you can also do some exercise like rotating the wrist in all direction If you feel numbness or tingling sensation please consult your doctor
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Question: My breast become too hard and paining heavily... What is the solution for that
Answer: Hello! Breast becoming hard and paining means you are having milk supply. Please keep feeding the baby to avoid pain. Also for now applywarm compress by dipping the hand towel in the hot water and apply on the breast. Repeat quite number of times. Take care
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Question: my foot is cramping & paining heavily what to do
Answer: My mother in law made some home made oil and i did massage from that oil daily. It gives me relief
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