2 months old baby

Question: my right breast is bigger than the left one..is there a problem.any solution for it

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Answer: No dear this is not a problem just after delivery it happens due to fullness and sucking ...Nothing to worry after wards it will be normal . Make sure to feed from both the breast alternatively ...Happy feeding 😊😊
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    Garimella haripriya643 days ago

    thank you so much ❤️

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Question: Hi my left side breast is very and pain full .what is the solution
Answer: Dear it is a common that you get this pain for breastfeeding mums. Gentle massage followed by hot compress can help to get relief. Feed baby properly from both the best to avoid engorgement of breast. Take care..
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Question: My right side breastmilk looks watery than left...is it normal
Answer: it's a normal problm that every women face.... just chill
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Question: I could feel additional breast milk supply in my right breast than left.I can feel pain in that right when it curdles.what is the reason?
Answer: It signs that ur having enough breastmilk for ur baby
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