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Question: My regular cycle is 28 to 30 days. Now I'm in my 35th day. I didn't get my period. Can i do ppt

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Answer: Yes y not, all the best :)
Answer: Yes y not :)all the best
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Question: I missed my period this month , I will get regular 28 days but today it's 33 day wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, Since you have missed your period, possibility is that you have conceived.but wait for atleast a week before testing at home.early testing could give you negative have patience and wait some more days and do a pregnancy test at home.wish you good luck!
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Question: To day is my 29 th day i have regular 28 days period but now iam spotting can i do pragnancy test
Answer: Hi! If u hv started spotting pls wait the flow can increase and develop in Pregnancy but if its the same fr a couple of days you can take a test to confirm.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I didn't get my periods today as I have regular 30-31 days cycle. And have watery thread like discharge does it mean I'm pregnant?
Answer: pregnancy cannot be confirmed by the type of discharge you get . some pregnancy kit show the results immediately on the day you miss your period . you can also wait for 2 more days . get a pregnancy kit collect your first urine sample in the morning and then you can confirm your pregnancy . if you have already missed your period then you can go ahead n check if your pregnant the help of a good pregnancy kit
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