Question: My problem is that sometimes my vaginal discharge is light brown colour or dark brown, not all the time. i had bleeding on18february and cnslt the dctr and took strone200injection and anti d also. Am onegative blood group. My placenta is fundo anterior reaching up to OS. Now am taking progestrone tablets 2times/day, foloc acid, calcium and iron tablets. Id there any problem for me or my baby??

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Answer: Hello! Since you are having low lying placenta, it is better to have complete bed rest. As there might be chances of bleeding and preterm labor. However, don't worry, but 19-20 weeks the placenta generally comes up. So,it might not be much a problem. Take rest which is important now... Take care
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    Question: What is the best duration in a day to take calcium, iron and folic acid tablets?
    Answer: Hello dear, My doctor recommends calcium tablet in afternoon time. Combination of iron+folic tablet in night time. Please don't neglect those tablets during pregnancy. Its a good supplements. Thank you.
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    Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant .. I'm taking only calcium and iron tablets no folic acid doc prescribed folic acid till 12 weeks only. Is it ok to take only calcium and iron tablets now ???
    Answer: hello dear you can have Folic acid in the first trisemester and that is the first 3 months and after that from second trisrmester you have to have calcium and iron tablets till delivery.
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    Question: Hello my doc given me folic acid and susten tablet with metformin but no iron or calcium tablets is it necessary to take calcium tablets
    Answer: Calcium and iron doctor will prescribe since 2nd trimester according to normal protocol
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