22 months old baby

Question: Docter my babys problem constipation not regular going

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Answer: Hello dear... Constipation in toddlers happen due to their fussy eating habits. Diet play an important role in releiving constipation Fiber rich foods Give her lot of fibre rich foods like whole wheat, cereals, oats Hydrated Keep your baby hydrated, make a habit of drinking 6 to 8 glasses of a day. You can add water in the form of juice,soups.. Raisins and prunes You can opt raisins and prunes as snacks, for effective result make your child eats 10 raisins a day. If they din like raisins , you can soak ten raisins in half glass of water overnight, it can be crushed and extracted as juice. This juice is very effective for constipation Banana smoothie Banana smoothie is know as natural softener, it not only releives constipation, it is a great stamina booster Dry fruits milkshake Dry fruits are loaded with lot of minerals and antioxidants, you can blend dry fruits with milk in a blender ,and serve. This shake contains lot of vitamins and minerals that needed for baby's growth Try these tips to your baby,hope it helps
Answer: Hie 1.Offer your baby high fiber food like broccoli ,prunes,oats, barley,apple, promegranate,peaches ,prunes 2. Increase your babys liquid intake, water milk and juices are great to keep your baby well hydrated 3. Give your baby lots of tummy time and give bicycle legs as movements help bowel movement as well 4 . Gently massage your babys stomach area with gentle downward strokes ,taps and clockwise circular motion If your baby is in pain and none of the above help Ask your pediatrician about using an over-the-counter stool softener to make it more comfortable for your baby to have a bowel movement, but never give her a laxative without her doctor's approval Take care of your self and baby .
Answer: Hello mom, don't worry. Try following remedies can help u out. Remedies for ur baby: Boost your child's fiber intake. Give her plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Offer apricots, plums, peas, beans, broccoli and, of course, prunes. If she doesn't like the taste of prunes, try adding prune juice to her milk: Just 1 ounce of prune juice in half a cup of milk is very effective.
Answer: Baby ko fiber wala food jada do Liquid jada khilao N give medicn agr jada ho u cn giv piclin
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Question: My 8th month will complete on 30th oct , i m suffering from constipation and gas problem , what should i do?? Regular medicine for constipation is safe or not ??
Answer: Hello... Dear regular intake of laxative is not that much good during pregnancy, constipation is quite normal in pregnancy,but it is should be cured as soon as possible,To avoid constipation in pregnancy do following things.. Have a fiber rich foods that includes wholewheat,oats, grains and cereals,can have oats or millet varieties lot will be effective in reducing constipation Include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet,include it in the form of sabji,porriyal,salad,you can drink beetroot juice regularly it prevents against constipation and also prevents Anemia Eat guava with breakfast it will help a lot, because it has lot of fibre will held lot in constipation Make a habit of eating figs and prunes daily ,start your day with having soaked dry fruits it will relieve you from constipation Drink lot of water,stay yourself hydrated,also include fresh juice ,can also have veggies soup best remedy for constipation Banana smoothie,figs smoothie will be more effective in reducing constipation.
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Question: pls suggest home remedies for babys constipation problem
Answer: Newborn digestive system is very sensitive as it is still in developing stage. That's why it's common for them to have gas, constipation, stomach reflux etc. When baby’s body is low on water then also constipation can occur or if there is any change in mother’s diet. Make sure you are feeding your baby at every two hours. Whenever you feed your baby drunk a glass of water, this will keep you hydrated and in turn baby will be hydrated. Include more of leafy vegetables and fibres in your diet. Eat food which is easy to digest. Avoid taking complex food as it might take long for then to be digested and can disturb your baby’s digestive system as well. Don't feed baby anything other than bm/fm. You can apply heeng water around her navel. Massage her minimum twice a day. Around her navel make circles first anticlockwise then clockwise while pressing gently. Give your baby tummy time (make her lie on her stomach), for 10-15mins in a day this will strengthen the muscles around her abdomen thus improving her digestive system. Avoid giving any over the counter medicine or gripe water to your baby.
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Question: Hai...How to reduce my babys constipation?
Answer: hi dear it is quite common to have constipation in babies till 2 years . so it is good to add some foods rich in fibre in your baby's diet . you can add potato, carrots , Greenpeas. can include more like fruits apple banana to avoid constipation . you can also increase more liquids and fruit juices to his diet . soak some raisins in water overnight mix the water and give it to ur baby which helps in relieving constipation
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