18 months old baby

Question: My princess have prickly heat what can i do

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Answer: Give banana daily
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Question: Madam my baby is having prickly heat issues. Day by day it's increasing so what can I do? Please suggest prickly heat powder for my baby
Answer: Hello dear It might be heat rash and which is very common in babies. Heat rash is caused when sweat gets trapped under the skin because of blocked pores. It's usually caused by exposure to hot or humid weather. Treatment for heat rash: Loosen or remove your baby's clothing, and move him into an air-conditioned room or a shady spot. Use a fan to dry and cool him off, rather than rubbing him with a towel. Avoid using creams and ointments that contain petroleum or mineral oil
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Question: My baby is having prickly heat. What should I do
Answer: Hi dear dont panic sometimes clothes causes excessive heat and irritate ur baby skin choose a proper clothes for baby like loose clothes keep his skin dry and clean move him to air conditioned room apply some powered suggested by ur doctor
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Question: what can we do prickly heat in children
Answer: Do icing with ice or bath with cold water. Ya fir thand pani me towel dip krke uske heat Wali jagah rakh do.
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