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Question: My previous lmp is on 26th August .I have 32 days cycle but rarely 23 days cycle .I have some uneasy feeling in my lower stomach .And also I have little sticky white discharge .It is a sign of what ?

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Answer: Discharge is common in every woman....if uh hav made relation in ur fertile days...then wait till ur next period date...if uh missedur period then after 7 to 10 days do upt
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Question: From morning I'm having thick white sticky discharge, is this sign of labor pain, i don't have any pain in back or stomach?
Answer: If the discharge like copious it may sign of labour if u r primigravida then nothing to worry it will take some more time ...
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Question: I have regular period on 25 .its 32 days cycle.5 days after ovulation..i have experience stomach pain and discharge. Day by day it is increased little little. The discharge come white colour. No smell. 2 Days are left for my period. I have same experience. I trying to conceive.Is there any chance for pregnancy?
Answer: You have to wait for missing your period. Pms and early pregnancy symptoms both are almost same.
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Question: I have 32 cycle and regular period .i am trying to conceive .after 5 days of ovulation I have cramps in stomach and discharge ,tiredness also. That is 10 days before my period. It is my day period also I have pain. And some watery discharge. Is there any possibility in pregnancy.
Answer: Wait for one week then do ur pregnancy of luck
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