18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my pregnancy 5month running ...now can I do normal yoga?

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Answer: Hi Mommy..Although yoga is safe during pregnancy it is not advisable to do complicated asanas as it might harm the fetus so please restrict yourself to only simple asanas which does not involve too much of stretching..Also it is better if you replace walking with yoga till your delivery
Answer: Docter se puchh kr hi krna
Answer: Yes you can do
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Question: Can i do yogA during pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. Yes you can do yoga but be sure to inform your instructor to suggest pregnancy yoga so that it will be good for you can baby :)
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Question: Hello, my baby is now 1 n half mnth so can i do a yoga now....
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 nd half now if ur delivery s normal and ur bleeding s stop then u can do yoga and if delivery s by c section then avoid any exercise till ur stiches ll heal .because ther r 7 lairs of skin in stomatch all lairs of skin have stiches .external stiches heal as soon but inner stiches take time 2 heal so untill ur stiches heal dont do yoga .u can go 4 walk 15 to 30 min twice a day its safe .try it
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Question: Yoga for 5month pregnancy
Answer: Dear during pregnancy prenatal yoga is very effective for preparing your body for child birth. Some Effective Yoga Asanas For Pregnant Women:- 1.) Tadasana – Mountain Pose 2.) Virbhadrasana – Warrior Pose 3.) Trikonasana – Triangle Pose 4.) Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend 5.) Marjariasana – Cat Pose 6.) Shavasana – Corpse Pose Hope it helps.
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