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Question: My pregnancy report confirmed. And o completed 7th week but in scanning report it shows like 5th week so is their any problem

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Answer: Your doctor calculates your stage of pregnancy or your gestational age using your last menstrual period, by adding 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. An ultrasound scan estimates your baby's age by measuring different parts of your baby's body such as her head, abdomen, and legs.
Answer: Hi, i need food tips for first month of pregnancy. Can i have protinex powder
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Question: My own time of delivery is 03/feb but usg report shows 17/feb ...why it show wrong plz help
Answer: Usg report shows expected date of delivery depend on baby's growth and third human being is your expected delivery date depend on your last menstrual period. Your baby's growth is little slower then expected. You can expect your delivery anytime between 3rd to 17 February. All the best 👍😊 nn
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Question: Is there any complication in my pregnancy because my husband's blood group is o postive and mine is b negative??
Answer: Dear as you have negative blood group and your husband has positive blood group after second trimester of pregnancy you have to take ITC test and if the result come positive then you have to take a anti D injection to avoid any adverse effect on your baby. Other than this there is no problem.
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Question: I am in my 5th week but not getting periods but feel periods like symptoms
Answer: If your pregnancy test is negative it is because of hormonal imbalance.
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