16 weeks pregnant mother

My pregnancy 16 week pregnant I m feeling virtigo and heavyness in head some time continuous since 2 days, is it normal or any abnormalities tell me please

Hi,relax it could be due to some stress.takw hood rest.slwep well ,do r exert yourself drink adequate water this should help.ls consult with tour Dr
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Question: some time i m having pain in abdominal and heavyness due that i having walking problem n weaknesses i m 6 week pregnant is it normal
Answer: These symptoms doesn't seems normal, especially pertaining to 6th week of pregnancy. Kindly visit a gynaec for better diagnosis
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Question: M feeling some pressure noise in my right ear since week.. is it normal ? Any remedy for this
Answer: Same with me I asked Dr they said this is coz of hormone fluctuations..plz follow some spiritual lesson I have started listening BK Shivani on Facebook there are 4-5min lessons to our day to day problems. Plz try it.. start working out on Ur hobbies or watching nice movies etc
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Question: Since few days i m not feeling any fluttering movement in my tummy . So earlier was it baby movement or due to acidity.please answer ... M 16 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello The best way to feel your baby move is by lying on ur left side as dis position helps in supplying more blood flow to your uterus wch is y u feel more at ease. The liver is places more on the right so sleeping on the left gives more room for ur baby to move. You can also eat some thing sweet or drink 1 or 2 glasses of cold water. With these tricks u will definately feel ur baby move. Hope I helped
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