5 months old baby

Question: My Babys poop is green in color What does it indicate?

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Answer: hi dear! the green stool may be due to formula milk or the foremilk( milk at the beginning of a feeding which consists of low fat content and high lactose content). and also if the mother or baby is on iron supplements. -if formula milk is given then dear you will have to stop the formula milk. -and for foremilk you will have to feed the baby for more than 10mins from one side to get the hind milk also.(Hindmilk is the high-fat, high-calorie breast milk,t's richer, thicker, and creamier than foremilk). -and if irons supplements is given to baby or taken by the mother then dear you will have to stop using them. if the motion is loose then it might be due to GIT infection in such cases a stool test will be required dear to make sure if any infection there. and if yes then dont get worried. proper antibiotics will solve the matter. so dont worry.! take care dear!
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    soigoumang vaiphei701 days ago

    hello Doctor, my baby has dark green poop too and she is on iron supplement. she is 5months old(corrected age). she was prescribed iron supplement for a year. should i stop her supplement?

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Question: What does baby's green poop indicate ?
Answer: Green poop can happen because of teething which also because of increasing saliva in baby.. You have introduced veggies to your baby can also have impact on babies poop.. If baby's stool is smelly consult doctor.. Or baby has some stomach pain do consult your doctor soon .
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Question: Hi my daughter is having green color poop What does this color indicate What to do???
Answer: Hi Its indigestion, and if you had took any spicy or heavy to digest foods it ll reflect to baby asbyou might be in breast feeding baby..so do take easy digestive foods with less spice
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Question: What does bottle green poop indicate
Answer: There are majorly 3 reasons for baby to pass green stool. First, imbalance in foremilk and hindmilk. When baby takes only foremilk he is likely to pass green stool. For this feed baby for minimum of 20mins each breast. This way he ll get hindmilk. Second, When baby has any bacterial or viral infection like cold and cough. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. And you can also use mustard garlic ajwain oil to massage his body. Third, It could be due to stomach infection. In this case get stool test done. Chat with Moms & Dads in your Birth Family on Healofy App http://healofy.com/app
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