38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My placenta was grade 3 in 36 weeks 3 days scan. Should I go for normal delivery or c section

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Answer: Hi...somtimes doctor might prefer c section to avoid any complication coz it can cause heavy bleeding so let your doctor decide whats best for you according to your condition
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Question: My first delivery was c-section and now doctor is forcing for c-section says Normal delivery is not possible if first delivery is c-section. Should I wait for normal labour pain? Or I should go for c-section?
Answer: Hi dear,normal delivery after a C-section is associated with more complications, including, rarely, a uterine rupture. During a uterine rupture, the uterus tears open.but some of are success normal delivery after c section. Because of these complication docters don't go for normal delivery after c section. Tq
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Question: My placenta was grade 3 at 36 weeks 3 days. Should I go for normal delivery or c section
Answer: Hello dear, you should go for C section. If placenta previa is present during labor and delivery, it can cause problems for both mother and baby. The mother may lose a lot of blood, which can be dangerous for both her and her baby. So better to go with the doctor. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: Should i go for c section or normal delivery
Answer: Hi C section is an alternative to normal delivery Normal delivery is far better but if during to u avoidable circumstances you may as well go for c section
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