22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my placenta is in lower abdomen and cover the Os completely. which problems may arise in coming times and what precautions should I take for mature and healthy pregnancy?

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Answer: So, you are having one of pregnancy complication.. plecenta previa.. grade 4.. Here's the things you should do : Take Rest Walk gently Take break between work Don't stand continueouly hour Don't do exercises Don't bend Ignore house hold work like cleaning Take iron as much as possible coz.. if you will bleed then that's only thing which may help you.. Drink plenty of water After 26 weeks risk of spotting and bleeding increases.. so, avoid travelling.. Pray to God.. for safety of both of you..! Don't take stress.. try to divert your mind from this complication.. normally who is having this situation.. can't accept the normal delivery.. prepare your mind for C-section.. between 36 to 39 weeks coz.. doctor won't take risk.. if it goes to next level plecenta acreta creates bleeding issue.. and last but not least.. keep a person ready who is having same blood group of yours..
Answer: Take plenty of rest and make sure you don't travel much. Rest rest and rest is the only mantra here so that you can encourage your placenta to move up as your uterus grows. If you keep straining yourself physically then the placenta is strained too and this may lead to bleeding problems. So walk gently and rest as much as u can.
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Question: My placenta is low and i suffer from stomach and lower abdomen pain constantly ..what precautions should I take
Answer:  Low placenta may cause miscarriage and early birth dear. But it's nothing compulsory that you must face this problem dear. The thing is you have to be more and more careful in what you are doing. Take plenty of rest dear. Avoid unnessary bending sitting and standing for long time ,traveling, claimbing steps must be avoided dear. You have to be slow when sit and get up from the chair or when you sleep and getting up from the bed. Be very slow and take time to do so. Avoid eating spicy good. Drink lots of water dear. Eat healthy food, follow medicine If you have, sleep well.Some lower abdomen pain or stomach pain is common during pregnancy its because your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus in expanding, and your ligaments are streaching .nothing to worry. If you have bleeding consult doctor dear.
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Question: My placenta is 2.6 cm lower form internal os is their any problem and what precautions i have to take
Answer: Id the doc suggested for bed rest then u nust take complete bed rest. Also do not climb stairs, dont bend n dont lift heavy objects.
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant.. Diagnosed with low lying placenta covering internal OS completely during NT scan.. Can the placenta move up in later pregnancy?? What precautions should i take to make the things normal??
Answer: Yes dear jab uterus increase hoga toh placenta apne aap move up ho jayegi dnt wry take fully bed rest
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