13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My placenta is close to os..posterior... I m 14weeks pregnant.. Till wht tym it wl come to its position

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Answer: Hello dear for low lying placenta it's good to take complete bed rest without any body strain. Don't lift weights. If you can take bed rest for 2-3 weeks the placenta will become correct position. Nothing to worry dear.
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Question: I am 35weeks pregnant my baby is now Vertex presentation and posterior placenta if this position may change or it will be in same position till my delivery
Answer: Hi! Vertex is a head down position when baby down its head and prepare for birth. Generally it doesnot turn and stay put. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi m 13 weeks pregnant my placenta is anterior in position any tips to make it posterior plz suggest
Answer: Hi dear, Anterior placenta is though not a matter of concern at this stage.you need to check end of second trimester.usually anterior placenta could provide more cushioning to your baby and makes wall between your belly and baby,so you might feel your baby move less.notbto worry,as your placenta would provide same amount of nutrition to your baby as any other placenta. The risk in future could be the direction of placental growth up or down .if it starts growing downward,there are chances that it blocks the birth canal and you might start bleeding.resulting into emergency c-section. usually by end of third trimester,placenta pushes upwards.not to worry
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant. my placenta is in posterior position what does it mean??
Answer: Fundal posterior means that the placenta is located towards the back of your uterus. Not low lying meansthat it is not complicating the cervix which is a good thing.
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Question: I m 5 month pregnant my Placenta is Posterior 3.4 cms from INT OS. Is it ok for normal delivery kindly suggest if precautions i have to take.
Answer: Do not worry because posterior placenta Asin most of the pregnant population so do not worry ladies do have a posterior and anterior Placenta posterior is more common than anterior the placental level is 3.4 CM which is very good do not worry I will only advise you to take your supplements daily and on time with proper diet with mild exercises yoga breathing exercises and Pranayam which also help to balance the hormones the delivery outcome can also influenced majorly by your baby position if your baby does not turn into head down position by 38 week then you will undergo cesarean so for normal delivery you must take a good diet and have an exercise schedule so you can seek help from prenatal yoga experts
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