21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My placenta is 2.6 cm lower form internal os is their any problem and what precautions i have to take

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Answer: Id the doc suggested for bed rest then u nust take complete bed rest. Also do not climb stairs, dont bend n dont lift heavy objects.
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Question: I have my nt scan done in 12th week and doctor told me I have low anterior placenta and also covering the whole os. Is it risky. Should I take any precautions.. As I'm working woman
Answer: Dear sir risky because that means the placenta is on the opening of uterus which can cause early labor or bleeding. So take complete bedrest like move from bed only for washroom or doctor visit only and also keep a pillow under your legs. So with this as baby grow the placenta will move up
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Question: I am 29 weeks preganant i have low lying placenta closing internal os what precautions i should take
Answer: Dear better you should not lift heavy weight, avoid intercourse , not to travel long distances.better not to strain your self.take care
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Question: Placenta is anterior grade 1 maturity Placenta is low line lower and of placenta lower end of placenta is 1.5 CM in turn away from internal os no e/o retro Placenta bleed. Tiny echogenic focus noted in left ventricle of heart. Screening both the uterine artery reval normal flow waveform pattern. I am 21 week 3 days pregnant is their any complication.
Answer: Dear there is white spot in baby's heart which is a normal finding and gets fine on its own but you have low lying placenta so complete bed rest is required to avoid any complications otherwise bleeding can happen so please move from bed only for washroom or doctor visit only..
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