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Question: My periods was on 26 feb and we did intercourse regularly, but from last 10 days i was feeling small pain in my stomach and yesterday i felt pain like my periods are coming but today again is normel and hv small pain in my stomach again. This small pain not like periods pain..please suggest me what it means bcs i tried for conceive ?? I am pregnant or something else???????

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Question: i hv reached my 9th month. Since 2days now getting slight periods like pain in lower stomach nd inner thigh pain till toe. Plz suggest. Do i hv to consult my gynic? Or this is a usual pain?
Answer: Dear mild back pain and lower abdominal pain is common during 9th month. slight pain is not a symptom of labor.if you have any severe back pain, abdominal tightening and trickle water leakage from vagina, blood mucous discharge from vagina take it as symptoms of labour.if you have any one of these please visit doctor as early as possible.
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Question: Actually my usual periods date is on 21 or 22.. usually it stays fr 8 days....i got married on dec 2 and yes, everything happened which I didn't even know abt, i was frightened abt every night.i suddenly got periods on 7th of dec...was completely shocked and fainted. Then my periods finished after 5 days...then again we had intercourse after a day or two..then again on 28th of dec i got my periods...was upset that i couldn't conceive..
Answer: Dear, after marriage as we start regular sexual life our period cycle can hamper. if you're planning for pregnancy then both of you should consult gynecologist and should take all the test to confirm fertility status. Taking some supplements can help you & also maintain healthy diet and active lifestyle. But at present situation I will suggest you not to plan pregnancy right now as u may not get proper medical facilities and help. Stay at home and stay safe.
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Question: I had periods last month, but the flow was only for 1 day and then the periods stop, now its been a month i did not get periods, also i did my test twice and its negative. Please suggest
Answer: If your test is negative then there could be some other reason..he a scan done to rule out anything may also get a beta HCG test done to confirm times when th hormones are too low it doesnot show up in the kit..also at times the kits are faulty..
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