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Question: My periods starts on 19sep still till nw my periods did not come it's now 38day today..counting from first day of my periods. ...pls help

Answer: Now buy an urine pregnancy test kit and check for pregnancy dear.what are u waiting for
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    Janet Kon117 days ago

    Thankq dear.

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Question: My periods starts on 19sep n till today it's 34days.v had sex on 28th ie 10day counting from first day of periods. M I pregnant? ......
Answer: Hi,it can be possible ,you can do your blood beta hcg test and get the confirmation in your pregnancy Till then take good care if yourself.Eat well .keep yourself well hyderated.
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Question: My periods starts on 19sep n v had sex on 28th sep ie on 10days counting from first day of my periods. On October 23 ie 35days counting frm first day of my periods I did pregnancy test but its negative only one line appears. M really confuss today it's 38days n mi periods didn't come.wen s da right day to do pregnancy test aftr missed periods? Pls help. I alwys hv a regular periods .
Answer: After 8 to 10 days or you can take blood test also
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Question: Actually on 25 of this month I got my period but it's not counting till today
Answer: Hi dear, Could you be more clear about what you intend to count?I think you meant your periods are not coming got your period on 25 th but it didn't come whole 5 happens in some months.some women get 4 th and 5 th days as it's not a matter of concern if some months you have short periods.
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