3 months old baby

Question: My periods started after 1.5month of giving birth .is it normal

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Answer: Hi Dear! Yes it is common for few mothers to have periods regularly post child birth. I have experienced the same, i got my periods back just next month with a gap of around 18/20 days of vaginal bleeding post birth. Good luck!
Answer: Yes..i have also same thing..so dont worry its happened some..its normal
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Question: My periods started after 2months and 6 days of giving birth. Is it normal or should I contact with doctor
Answer: Hello It is very normal no problem. Some ladies don't get there periods till six months or even a year. Breast feeding mom's always get very delayed periods nothing to worry.
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Question: My periods started 5weeks after csection delivery is it normal
Answer: Yes dear It is normal. Ur periods can return anytime as it depends on ur baby feeding. If u are giving ur baby breastfeed and formula both then ur period can return anytime between 5 to 6 weeks after delivery. It also depends as all ladies are different.
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Question: After delivery my periods started just 50days is it normal
Answer: please do not worry dear it happened to me also its normal to get periods at any stage after delivery if you have very heavy flow or severe pain please contact doctor for medication as you are exclusively breast feeding your baby take care
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Question: Why am I not getting my period after giving birth?Is it normal to not have a period 7 months after giving birth? I am a breastfeeding mom
Answer: It's absolutely normal while breastfeeding,, sometimes it will take 1yr to get mensuration cycle.
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