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Question: My periods missed on 10 dec, usually periods will come with delay of 5 days. But this time , I m feeling acidity and weakness, uneasy. Is this the sign of pregancy.

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Answer: It is possible that you are pregnant but you will get up to create result after 2 weeks of missed period
Answer: Might be..please do a pregnancy test dear
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Question: My due date is jan 30 but i am not having any labour sign and symptoms! What should I do?
Answer: Dear ,waiting for labor pain to start naturally needs lot of patience..please keep yourself active and daily do 15 minutes of brisk walk..some people do take home remedies like consuming castor oil with warm water..some try having intercourse while some stimulate nipples to induce labor..for me labor was not easy water broke and it was induced with tablet..for you there is still time ,keep walking dear..some ladies can wait 2 weeks post due date to..depending on your situation doctor would allow you to wait till then.I wish you all the best..have safe delivery....
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Question: I missed my periods and my last date is 13 dec and i checked pregnancy test and results was negative
Answer: Everytime missed period doesn't mean that you are pregnant but sometimes even if you are pregnant it may take a little longer time to show positive result. If you feel there is a chance of pregnancy better you should take a brta HCG blood test to confirm the same. Hope it helps. All the best 👍😊.
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Question: My last periods is 3 December and my periods is irregular but I take upt at morning it's positive how cAn I know how weak I am pregnant
Answer: Hi dear for that u need to do sonography... compulsory then only u can predict hw many weeks u r pregnant
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