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Question: My periods is late its 6 days late of exact period i pregnant ??

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Answer: dear, u can confirm yr pregnancy by home pregnancy test can be used on the first day of your missed period. HCG hormone is only found in the body during pregnancy. by blood test also...gud luckdear
Answer: Hi! If it has been 6 days i would suggest you to take pregnancy test and confirm. If two pink lines appear you are positive. Good luck!
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Question: My periods 5 days late period means i am getting 35 days late period,it is nt effect to pregency
Answer: Hi, most menstrual periods may vary between 21 to 35 days. If in doubt do a pregnancy detection kit test
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Question: I am having exact feeling of period very confused my period date is 27
Answer: if you dont see bleeding it is absolutely fine. when you come across your cycle you will have the feeling of getting periods which is common in first trimester. if you could see bleeding contact your gyn. until then its a symptom only nothing to worry. happy motherhood
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Question: Today i got my periods ,actual my last period date jan29 ,late by 4 days.
Answer: Hi dear, It happens at some times.and is absolutely normal.i had always regular period and once was 10 days late.and after that never had any issues.sometimes we have some hormonal changes in body and so delay.unless ty bleeding was not very heavy,just relax.
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