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Question: My periods date is 20 and have missed my periods when should i check if i am pregnant or not

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Answer: Hi dear. the best time to have a pregnancy test is usually three weeks after you have had unprotected sex or when your periods are late. This is because the results might turn out negative if you test too early even if you are pregnant. For this reason, it is advisable to test a few days for a more correct result.
Answer: Hi dear. After 45 days of the previous period is when it will be confirmed you are pregnant You can by 30 or 35 days.
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    Prajakta Suryawanshi1072 days ago

    My periods cycle is of 30 days so last month it had come on 20 and before that also same date

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Question: Hi my period date is on 25th I have missed my periods am I pregnant or when should I check
Answer: Hi dear if you missed your period then to confirm if you are pregnant or not a pregnancy test is required so you can do a home pregnancy test or lab urine or blood test to get accurate result. If you do home pregnancy test and use only first midstream urine for accurate result..
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Question: Hie my period date is on 25th I have missed my period when should I check and am I pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, after you miss your period wait for at least 7 to 10 days and then take a pregnancy test to get a confirmed result. Hope it helps.
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Question: hii... i have missed my period on 9th august. when should i have to check if i m pregnant or not? and how?
Answer: Hello dear, if u have missed ur period then u can check ur pregnancy on 15 th august. U can check Using pregnancy kit. U have to put ur early morning urine on the strips. If u see both lines are dark, then u ate pregnant and if u found one line dark and one line light then u have to again check ur pregnancy after 3-4 days and if both lines are not dark then ur pregnancy is negative and u are not pregnant. Hope it is helpful.
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