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Question: My periods are not coming regularly why

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Answer: Hi dear, there are few reasons for late periods or problem in getting pregnant. The first reason is if you have any medical conditions like pcos or thyroid problem which may cause to have irregular periods or some may skip periods. Other main reason is any medications may cause irregularities in ur cycle like blood pressure medicines or any kind of allergy medicines. There are also different reasons for negative pregnancy test after missed periods like you may be suffering from undiagnosed medical condition or extreme stress level. So make a plan to check with Dr. Take care!
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Question: stools are not coming out regularly
Answer: Here are some home remedies for constipation. Including fiber-rich foods such as prunes, wholemeal bread, breakfast cereals, fruits, and vegetables in your diet . Increasing fluid consumption and regularly exercising can help you keep constipation. Adding the juice of half a lemon  into a glass of lukewarm water and consuming this mixture every morning can also boost your bowel movement.  The consumption of cabbage soup too can help regularize bowel movements. Milk offers multiple health benefits. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed can help provide you relief from constipation.
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Question: My periods are not coming is its ok or not?
Answer: Don't worry some moms have their periods after 11 months from there delivery and some 7th month, 5th month because of the hormonal imbalance so don't worry ❤
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Question: My periods are not coming.... Should I consult to doctor
Answer: Dear if your periods aren't coming you could be pregnanct. Please do a home pregnancy test with you first urine early morning and if it is positive then you can consult your doctor for your first prenatal check up. Hope this helps.
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Question: My periods are not coming what to do?
Answer: Hello dear Ur periods can return anytime as it depends on ur baby feeding. If u are giving ur baby breastfeed and formula both then ur period can return anytime between 5 to 6 weeks after delivery. It also depends as all ladies are different.
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