8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my period is over today so what is my ovulation date pls tell me

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Answer: Take ur first day of period as day 1 and start countin till 12...so 12 to 16th day is ur ovulation dayz
Answer: Flo app is too good for calculating the ovalution.. I tried it and using one month m pregnant.
Answer: Right try Flo app...im using the same..great app to track your period and ovulation👍
Answer: Try Flo app, it is very helpful for such.
Answer: Right suggestion...m also use flo app...
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Question: Hi mam,my periods date is 14 so plz tell me what's my ovulation period
Answer: Hi dear, To know your fertileperiod or Ovulation dates you must observe your lenth of period cycle.some has 22 days,27days,30 days etc.it can be obtained after observing it for 6-8 months.just one month cannot determine it.as sometimes it coud delay or prepone due to hormonal fluctuations or stress.based on your period cycle length you can ovulate on 10 th day or 12th day or 14 th days and so on.on an average for 28 th day cycle,you would ovulate on 12 th day.ibyou are unsure stet having sex from 10 th day to 18 th day post period.....
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Question: My last month period is on 27 april when is my ovulation date pls tell me
Answer: Hi dear I think your period date is 27 March. So according to that your ovulation days were April 8, 2019 to April 12, 2019 and your next ovulation days are May 6, 2019 to May 10, 2019
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Question: Hi...today i got my period ..its 6 today so what wll b ovulation date...plz
Answer: Every women different ovulation date almost 14 th day become ovulation day.use ovulation kit accurate date of ovulation
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