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Question: my period is on 11 Apr as 9 am feeling abdominal cramps from 1 week above do can I be pregnant

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Answer: U can get home pregnancy kit n chk fr it on 1st day of missed period at d earliest
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    Shruthi S1160 days ago

    thank u

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Question: I am 10weeks pregnant..from last night i am feeling mild abdominal there anything to worry about
Answer: Hello dear, Abdominal pain is perfectly normal and there is really nothing you can do other than rest every chance you get.  If you are working, take a little nap during your breaks.  It will pass in time.  Hang in there. Your physical changes this week. You may feel occasional cramps and lower abdominal pains. If you are feeling a lot pain plz visit ur doctor before taking any medication. Sit down, put your feet up and relax. Resting comfortably should reduce any belly aches. If sitting doesn't help things, try resting on your hands and knees, or leaning forward against the back of a sofa....When you get up from bed, turn to your side and then get up slowly. Use your arms for support. This reduces the stress on your abdomen. Moving slowly and smoothly from a sitting or lying position can also help. Drink plenty of water and other fluids to avoid dehydration in the hot summer months. If you have a lot of gas, avoid oily, spicy foods and heavy pulses such as rajma or chana that produce gas. .... Pat  hot water bag or bootle on that area... Hope it helped.... Take care urself...
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Question: Am 11 wk pregnant and now am having severe abdominal cramps... What shld i do ??
Answer: In most cases, mild tummy cramps are a normal part of early pregnancy. They're usually linked to the normal physical changes your body goes through as it gears up for carrying your baby. Some women get cramps with a little bleeding when the embryo implants itself into the wall of the womb. So relax there is nothing to worry dear.
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Question: I am 9 week pregent bt last two days i am feeling light pain or cramps on right side abdominal wht should i do
Answer: It is normal light pain and cramps during pregnancy but if it increases please consult with doctor
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