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Question: My period is irregular ,my last period was on 9 june I suppose to get it on 7 july but it comes on 5th is there any problem

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Answer: Yes...there may be some problems...I was also experiencing the same..Later on I was diagnosed with PCOS..So, in order to avoid any problem consult any gynochologyst....
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Question: My last period was on 5th July. Now, how many days pregnancy is there?
Answer: According to your last menstrual period date that is 5th of July presently you are in 8th week of pregnancy. I hope you already cancel chat with gynecologist and if not then you should talk to doctor as soon as possible to start taking Folic acid supplements which plays an important role during early weeks of pregnancy. Take Care.
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Question: my last period 29th june i had intercourse on 15th july today supposed my period will come but didn't is there any chance to conceive please reply
Answer: Hi dear , there are chances if you had late ovulation. As per periods date your ovulation must have taken place around 12th. But you had sex on the 15th. It is better to wait and take the pregnancy test after 5-7days of the periods.
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Question: I had sex on 25th June and than again had sex yesterday. Is there any chance to get pregnant... My last period was on 20th June. Plz reply
Answer: Generally you will get pregnant if you have sex between 8 th day to 18 th day of your cycle taking the first day of your period as day 1 but you cannot rule out a chance as the sperm can stay alive in the body for up-to 5 days.
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