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Question: my period is irregular... how can i identity my ovulation time?

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Answer: Hi dear... It is difficult to identify ovulation in irregular periods.. However you can use ovulation kit and keep watch for signs like gel like vaginal discharge, mild abdominal pain, dizziness... Hope this helps.
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Question: My is irregular how can i calculate ovulation
Answer: Hi,if you have irregular cycle than you will have to track the cycle period if 2-3 months and take an a stage in consultation with the Dr as your Dr will help you orbyou can consult the Dr who may suggest you to know the fertile period by taking scans on 2 Nd and 5 th day if your period which will also help the Dr to understand the ovulation period and will guide you accordingly.
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Question: Hi, my period is irregular. How can i know my ovulation day??
Answer: Hi dear, Irregular periods se ovulation dates track Karna mushkil ho jata hai.aap ovulation kit ke zariye,Aapke fertile days Ka pata laga Sakti hai.ideally periods se 10-18 din ke beech ovulation Kabhi bhi ho Sakta hai.aapke vaginal discharge se bhi iska pata lag Sakta hai.jab bhi Aapke discharge egg white consistency Ka hone lagegi toh jaan le ki aap ovulation phase me hai.ovulation kit lena behtar Hoga .wish you all the best!
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Question: How can i calculate my ovulation period today 2day of my period mine irregular.
Answer: Hello dear Yes, it is easy to calculate ovulation for regular periods but it is difficult to calculate ovulation for irregular periods. By learning, we are able to know that when is our ovulation period: 1. Your cervical mucus changes when you ovulate 2. Your body temperature fluctuates with the onset of ovulation.
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