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Question: My period due is 6th november, what will be the expection of pregnancy. When i will check the pregnancy

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Answer: You can check for your pregnancy once you miss your period of your regular date,better to wait for atleast 5 days after missed your period.. so wait for 3 more days for accurate result... ALL THE BEST.. Hope this answer will help you
Answer: Pls check your pregnancy on kit after a week to get accurate results..
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Question: I am pregnant.. My LMP was on november 26th. What will be the due date of pregnancy? When will have to do next scan? Pls reply..
Answer: Hllo dear ur lmp.s 26 Nov. Dear if ur period cycle s of 28 days ur due date 'll be 2 Sep .u should consult to ur gyno nd go 4 scan to check the heartbeat of baby .try it congrates to u
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Question: My last period was on 12 November, when will be my due date ?
Answer: Hello dear. Actually the calculation of expected date of delivery (EDD) is quite simple you need to add 40 weeks or 280 days (9 months and 7 days) to your LMP(last period date). Like if ur last period date is 12th Nov then ur expected delivery date will be:- 12th Nov +9 months = 12th Aug 12th Aug + 7 days = 19th Aug is the Expected delivery date. Please note this is an expected delivery date. There are lot of factors which define the final date of delivery depending on ur pregnancy condition.
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Question: I want to knw when would my due date last period was on the 6th of Jan 2019
Answer: U r 6 weeks 2 days pregnant by ur date.....more clarity on date u get on ur first ultrasound...
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Question: My last period date is 17th November so what will be my expected due date
Answer: as per standard calculation 19 Aug 2018
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