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Question: My period date is 1oct n 2oct i see sum little blood clot like period started but after tht time till now thr is no bleeding n i checked on Saturday in afternoon my result is negative but yesterday i went to my family dr she said me check again on Saturday morning now u say me dr wht i do she said me check every Saturday till it not come now u say me wht i do n wht don't do plzz help

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Answer: N ma'am sorry forget to write in question that white discharged bohat horaha hai what it means n feeling low n tried n my gums getting sewlling plzz ans
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Question: Hlo dr. M suffering from itching on my tommy...Dr. suggest dremabless n coconut oil...m using tht but not work wht i do
Answer: Hello! You Will Need2-3 teaspoons baking sodaWaterWhat You Have To DoMake a thin paste of the baking soda powder and apply it all over the stomach and areas that are itchy.Leave this on until it dries and then rinse it off with cold water.How Often You Should Do This Repeat this every day. Why This Works Baking soda can give you relief from the pain, redness, and irritation that you are experiencing. Your skin will feel soothed, and your discomfort will be alleviated as the paste works its magic on your skin. This paste can also help to treat dryness and the accompanied itching sensation by restoring the pH balance of the skin
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Question: hi..i had gone to dr after completing of 3 months..she said that from ultra sound i can say everything is proper..but she said in ultra sound she said she can detect only 65%...n said that if u want to know 100% u have to do down syndrome anyone can plz suggest me..
Answer: Hello! There is a NT scan done and double marker test done to check the possibility of down syndrome in the babies. This is a routine check up which is given to all pregnant women. Hence there is nothing different. Take care
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Question: Is anyone taking tablet named metital 500 for gestational diabetes? If yes then r thr any side effects of in taking tht as my gynaecologist @pune prescribed me this.... But now m in nanded and the Dr here said tht do not take tht instead of u shld take insuline of abt 4 units so plzz help me Dr which shld be crrct
Answer: @low risk shld be wrttn thr for all contents given
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