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Question: My period date is Aug 6th when is my ovulation starts

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Answer: Hello dear. Generally most women likely to ovulate on day 14(although it can be a day or two sooner or later), and your fertile window is from days nine to fourteen (six days). If you bleed the average five days, and you start having unprotected intercourse four days after your period ends, you can get pregnant. All the best.
Answer: Your best days to conceive are August 18, 2019 To August 22, 2019
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Question: I had my periods on 28 th aug when is my ovulation cycle starts
Answer: Hie there are maximum chances for you to conceive if you have intercourse during ovulation period To calculate ovulation date or period you need to calculate your period cycle length first . Period cycle length is the average no of days between first day of 2 consecutive period Track down your periods date of last 4 months And figure out the average no of days between them . Say you have 30 days between 2 of your periods Then you ovulate on 30÷2 =15 . So your ovulation date would be approx day 15 counting from 1st day of your periods . Have sex on 4 days prior and post ovuation date That would be from day day 12 to 18 To increase your chances to  conceive Have folic acid supplement it helps boost fertility Both the partners should have a healthy diet as it helps on conceiving a healthy baby Both the partners should avoid alcohol or smoking during this periods Limit your caffeine intake  Good luck
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Question: Actually my period date is 6th December when is my ovulation date to get pregnant
Answer: If your period is regular take starting date of 2 subsequent periods and count the days.. If it is like 28- 30 days then best chances are lying in 11 to 15 days..
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Question: Mam My period date is 8 so when will be ny ovulation days starts ???
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to calculate it for yourself.. First thing you need to know is your average menstrual cycle length.. Ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts. If your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14, and your most fertile days are days 12, 13 and 14...plan accordingly .
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