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Question: My period cycle is of 25 days... Is there any problem in it

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Answer: Hi dear, its completely fine I also have 25days cycle and and i have 2 babies.
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Question: Hello my period cycle is in balance is there any pragnancy problem???!?!?
Answer: If you've regular periods, there won't be issues while conceiving. Issues during pregnancy have nothing to do with regular periods, they are totally different.
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Question: My period is only for maximum 3 days.. nd cycle is 28 days mostly.. is there any problem in conceiving.. if i do planning of baby
Answer: H dear,it should not be a problem because 28 days cycle us a normal cycle Don't worry.yiu can do your planning.
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Question: Hello ! I had unprotected intercourse on 17 th day of my period cycle as my period cycle of is of 26 days is there any possibility to get pregnant before 10 days of period?
Answer: Dear if you had unprotected sex then chances are high but you had sex oy once then its better to keep having sex regularly till you got your period because that will increase the chances of pregnancy..
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