13 months old baby

Question: my one 13 months baby not able to walk till date is it ok aur any problem with by baby legs strength

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Answer: Hold both her or his Hands n make her or his Walk With count 123456.....she or he will have confidence in 4-5 days ... leave ur 1 Hands n then continue same to make her or him walk with count .... keep doing this in frequent intervals throughout the day . Hope fully she or he may in next few Days . Walker should be used to the minimum as it's kind of support to child n they don't gain confidence to walk .....
Answer: my 12 months baby face red spot plzz suggestions
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Question: My baby is now 14 months still not able to walk by her own ???
Answer: hi mam I don't worry walking will differ from baby to baby so you don't need to worry much about it if the calcium content is very less on your baby that may cause hurt what little later so in reach the babies diet with more calcium vitamin and protein rich food you can also much baby leg with castor oil every morning this will also help her to walk little soon
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Question: my son completed 13 months but still not able to walk or stand by own?
Answer: Hi dear, my 1st baby started walking in 15th month, and i was also as worried as you are but from my experience i would like to tell u dont worry. If baby is growing fine and achieving other milestones then nothing is wrong. Try to limit use of walker and encourage baby to reach to your arm or toy. Some kids take time and its normal.
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Question: My 18 months baby till not start walking. Only walk with somebodeys help. Any problem?
Answer: Some baby's starts walking later. Still we cannot say anything surely. Take ur baby to Dr.
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