2 months old baby

Question: My one month old girl does potty in too much solid form.all people around me says ghat it is dangerous.pls suggest

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Question: Hi..I have twins of 1 month 5 days old.. my baby girl too much crying in the night before she doing potty ..please suggest
Answer: Hi! Its very common in such little babies, its their way of giving you cues that they want to pee or poop, usually the urge of peeing or pooping disturbs them a lot hence they cry dont worry its fine but if thr is a colic pain you need to give a nice massage around naval clock and anti clock wise. Give enough tummy time Make his legs exercise in by cycle motion. Burp the baby well after feed A nice steam bath also ease the pain. Hing mixed with lil ghee. Apply around navel. Please try to distract the baby, a lot of skin to skin also helps a lot to handle a crying baby.. Good luck!
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Question: Is giving smoother to my one month old baby...people says it spoils the shape of gums n tooth?
Answer: It's a wrong phrase... If u giving smoother to baby sterilize after every 24 hours
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Question: My baby girl is 45 days old.. She does potty around 4 times a day sometimes.. Is it normal
Answer: Hii yes this is normal. Till the time baby is on bf and baby is normal.
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