1 months old baby

Question: My one month old baby is having gas issue. Cries alot to pass it . Bohot mushkil se pas hoti hay gas. How to help her relieve gas

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Answer: mepassgas can help
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Question: my baby is one year old...how to relieve gas...
Answer: Hello! Air swallowing is the common cause of air in the stomach.make sure that your child drinks enough water throughout the day. It will prevent constipation. It will also encourage passage of gas and massaging your child’s tummy gently by rubbing in the clockwise direction may also stimulate passage of gas. Do this after meals.
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Question: My baby is having gas how to relieve her from gas ?
Answer: Dear to give baby relief from gas just apply some hing mixed with water on baby's tummy and do some hot compress that will give relief to baby. Also move baby's legs in cycling motion that will also release gas...
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Question: How to help my baby relieve potty/gas?
Answer: Hi..you can give him tummy massage in clockwise direction with warm mustard oil including ajwain And also you can use hing water paste around the navel and on the tummy also. . One more thing u can do is boil 1 tsp fennel seeds (saunf) in 150 ml water and when it reduced to half then strain it, cool down at room temperature give some 4-5 spoon to your baby. .
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