20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My one breast is bigger than other in pregnency..plz tell me wht to do

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Answer: Some have this situation. but don't worry dear,it's fine
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Question: Hello, my both legs are swelling is this risky r wht? Plz tell me
Answer: Leg swelling is common in pregnancy but I will suggest you to check your BP level, if its normal then don't worry. Avoid excess salt in your daily diet and drink lots of water throughout the day. Don't sit hanging your legs for longer term and take hot cold Compress if there is any pain. Take care.
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Question: Is it okay to swee p and moo and do other physical activities in 3rd month?
Answer: If you don't have any complications and you feeling healthy enough without any weakness.. you can do all your regular activities but make sure u don't lift heavy items.
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Question: White patches in some parts of body of my son.. He is 53 days old.. Wht to do?
Answer: Same here wat to do
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