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Question: my 7moth old baby suffering fever...any home remedy plzz

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Answer: More important than the fever itself is how your child feels overall. If she's eating, sleeping, and playing well, there is nothing much to worry. However if fever persists along with other symptoms like vomiting, loose motion, irritable nature, loss of appetite, lethargy etc then following suggestions might be of your help - Try removing layers of clothing, giving her a lukewarm tub or sponge bath, or letting her rest in a cool (not cold) room. Prevent dehydration by breast- or bottle-feeding frequently. If these steps don't bring relief, call your baby's doctor to see whether medication is in order. If it is, be sure to ask what dosage is appropriate – the safe amount is based on your baby's weight, which changes frequently. Make sure never to give more than the recommended dosage at the appropriate intervals. My doctor had recommended another medicine i.e., T98 for my child, that helped.
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Question: My baby suffering from sardi.. Plzz suggest effective home remedy
Answer: . breastfeed your baby more often because it have a natural antibiotic in its I will help you baby in curing cold and you should also apply eucalyptus oil on your babies clothes and pillows and massage your baby throat and chest with lukewarm Desi ghee. idhar give steam to your baby or switch on cool mist humidifier in your room and also don't take your baby out side and protecting her from dust. if a baby is having a problem in breathing then you can place a few garlic cloves on your babies pillow as it has antibacterial properties so it smell will help your baby in a breathing properly and also keep your baby's head in elevated position while sleeping.
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Question: My baby is suffering from fever.. Any home remedy
Answer: When baby is suffering from fever then instead of going for home remedy please consult a doctor because it's very important to know the exact reason of fever and then only kind of treatment can be given.
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Question: My baby is 6 mnth old... use fever hai. Plzz home remedy koi hai to batao
Answer: Hello! Please home remedies mat karein aur fever ka medicine lein, agar subah tak fever kam nehi hua toh doctor dikhaye. Take care
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