8 months old baby

Question: My 8month old baby having white patches on back of the shoulder private areas too can u plz tell me wat wl be the reason

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Answer: It's because cof less calcium in the body
Answer: Just advise ur doctor n take Madison
Answer: You should consult Pediatrician.
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Question: My baby is 54 days old. I noticed few white patches on his back. Please advise the reason and remedy
Answer: Hi the reason can be a lot because the from my experience I have also experienced this kind of patch with my baby when she was an infant she had a white Patch on her stomach and we have taken the baby to the pediatrician pediatrician give us and ointments to apply but that did not work but after a few months of time we have observed that the white patches is no longer there and it is normal skin colour I would suggest you the same thing I would suggest you to please take the baby to the pediatrician once .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby have white patches on the back of the neck. What is the reason?
Answer: Hello,this could be due to some defeciincy or skin allergy.yoh should apptm breast milk as it is the best and the natrual remedy. Also consult to the Dr if it does not settle
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Question: There are some white patches on the face of my baby.. what it can be?
Answer: Better to consult ur pediatrician, because my child also had the same, and doctor diagnosed it as atopic dermatitis, a type of allergy
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