10 months old baby

Question: My 10month old baby got a pimple on his ball it does not contain pus its red

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Question: My baby got big red pimple on his head how to get rid of these
Answer: This can be a birthmark if not elevated or painful. Tell me if this pimple is single or in cluster, seen only on the forehead hairs and not inside the scalp. If you small small pimples on all over your baby's face then these are normal these are known as melia because of granular occlusion and they subside on their own you do not need to apply any cream or ointment and do not try to Rub or scrape off these boils. these will go by themselves in a month but if you see boils in baby's scalp small small boils that are even painful and your baby cries on touching that I will advise you to visit your pediatrician to check whether it is a symptom of cradle cap which will be treated with help of topical fungal ointment and cream please see your pediatrician once
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Question: My 3 month old baby has got red pimple like bumps on his face... no pus inside.... i was using mustard oil for his malish and himalaya baby powder... pls help...
Answer: May be mustard oil dsnt suits him bcz mustard oil ki taseer garm hoti hai ...so its good in winters but not in this weather
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Question: Hi..my baby boy getting some red pimple on his hands?? Is it allergy or what?
Answer: Hello! It can be allergic reactions or even heat rashes. Try avoiding applying anything and watch for a day. If it seems to increase then consult the doctor. Also make sure that you wash well his hands so as to maintain hygiene. Take care
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