15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My NT scanning was fine. Today I got double marker test result it says PAPP_ A 638.mU/L any problem?

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Question: Hi i had mu double marker test done...my reports says screening negative what does it mean ..anyone pls reply???
Answer: It means your baby does not have T21 or T18 chromosomal disorder.
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Question: Hi after NT scan Dr. Suggest for double marker test ..is it common ..NT scan report says Normal baby is fine , still why double marker test ?
Answer: Double marker test is very common The double marker test is a specific type of blood test with the goal to check for any anomalies that might be present in the chromosomal development of the baby. Having any abnormalities in the chromosomes can lead to serious health conditions, disorders, and so on that can affect the baby’s growth within the foetus, or even later in life. By knowing if there are any and checking for the right chromosomes that could be the issue, one can know beforehand about the presence or possibilities of certain disorders like Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and so on.
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Question: I have done my NT scan today I am planning to take Double marker test tomorrow is it fine
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is absolutely fine if the gynae has asked you for that. Please go ahead. Hope it helps.
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