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Question: My NT scan measure 1.5mm.. and triomy 21: screening test is negative.. Remarks: nasal bone status was included for risk calculation .. what does it mean.. I'm very much scared..is everything normal? Nasal bone is present..

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Answer: hi dear! it just means that the status of nasal bone has to be seen to judge the risk . it has to be seen if its ossified or unossified . dont worry dear there is not a problem with it. if your trisomy 21 screening test is negative then dont worry dear. take care!
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    saranya s468 days ago

    PAPP A value is 1.58 MoM is tat normal? And hcgb is 1.098 MoM

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Answer: Hi, It means your baby is at a high risk of having chromosomal abnormalities like down's syndrome.Doctor will advice a few more screening test before asking you to go for amniocentesis a diagnostic test that can help confirm the presence or not of such anomalies.
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Question: We took screening test. It was negative. But they mentioned nasal bone was included for risk calculation. I scared about this.
Answer: Repeat your NT scan in different centre
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