16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My nose is blocked due to cold can I use nasal drop is it safe for baby

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Answer: Instead of nasal drop take steam with a pinch of salt. And drink warm water.
Answer: Do steam inhalation, it might help
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    Dr Kanmani Kumar447 days ago

    Sleep with elevating head with two pillows. Sleep on your side, one nostril will open up and you can breathe

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Question: Can I use NASOCLEAR NASAL DROP for nasal congestion??? Is it safe during pregnancy? 21 wk pregnant
Answer: Yes absolutely safe. It is nothing but saline water..avoid too much usage since it could dry up the nasal tissues..use it only when it's urgent..you can take steam too..
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Question: Hi mom's n Doctors, my 25 day baby is suffering from slite cold nose got blocked sometimes, wt to do am worried, can only use nasal drops
Answer: Hey dear Due to weather change babies nose s blocked nd havr cold so dear put 1 1 drop nasoclear or breast milk into babies nose nd give steam to baby twice a day nd give bf after 2 2 hours ur baby gets relief .Try it dear . Take care 🤗
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Question: My nose is blocked two days can I use some nasal drops
Answer: Hi..yes, u can but only after consulting ur doctor...also u can apply Vicks on your nose take steam inhalation and have warm soaps herbal teas it will reduce cold symptoms.
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