36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My nose and throat getting very dry and head also .and feeling very tired does it have any problem

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Answer: make sure you drink enough water drink at least three litres of water daily and also you can apply a little bit of lukewarm mustard oil on your thought and can also apply it little bit in your nostrils and take a proper rest eat healthy stay hydrated
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Question: My 4th month of pregrancy have been completed from few days i am having blood from my nose and nose becomes to dry is it common or any problem plzz rply
Answer: If you got some blood from nose this is just because of increased blood volume . this is very common in pregnancy . you should apply some ice cube over your nose blood will stop . dear you should not take a hot foods like dry fruits at this time.
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Question: Am 6month pregnant sometimes getting blood from mouth and nose is it any problem
Answer: It is due to over heat in our body dear. I was also having issue like that. I checked with doctor, she was like drink plenty of water. After few days it was gone. If it is tooo much bleeding please consult your doctor once dear
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Question: Hi my baby head is always hot and am applying more quantity of oil in morning by evening him heads looks like very much dry and my baby hairs look like brownish is there any problem abt temperature and head
Answer: It's normal. Baby's head will always be hot for 1 year bcoz of nervous system development. Daily apply coconut oil and weekly once apply castor oil on baby's head, wait for 5 mins and wash the baby's hair
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