Few days old baby

Question: My nipples are very damaged & painful due to breastfeeding. I used Nipcare ointment but it is not working. What else can I do?

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Answer: Use butter but vastaayi kaani thggipothundi feeding manavaddu feeding cheyyakapothe enka pain vachestundi
Answer: It happened with me also. Dear u have to bear the pain. It will cure after some time.
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Question: Due to breastfeeding my nipples got cracked.i m using nipcare ointment but still not get any relief.please tell some remedies.its too painful.
Answer: You can apply honey ot work well. And if baby will have small amount of honey then also no problem.
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Question: my nipples are not out. latching milk make my nipples damaged. feel much pain while breastfeeding what should i do
Answer: Try these – • Apply some amount of breast milk, it will help in healing • Try nipcare cream its very effective • Use hot water towel compress • U can use nipple shield while feeding
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Question: hi...my nipples have become dry and cracked...it's very painful so can I use nipcare ointment?
Answer: Yes u can use it...u can even try using mama earth nipple butter cream...it keeps the nipples moist...heals them and relieves pain...it's organic, safe and chemical free too so u need not worry even if it goes in babies mouth while breastfeeding
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