1 months old baby

Question: My nipples are paining lil bit. Is it normal? Any remedy for this? Kindly suggest.

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Answer: Dear mama, it is normal to feel lil bit pain and irritation during the first month. But if the pain is consistently growing please consult with the doctor because sometimes it may be due to infection. Ignore it if it's just a little pain. You will become an expert in no time...
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    Vanita Edke906 days ago


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Question: I have dry nd cracked nipples..and it is paining when baby is feeding..is there any remedy for that? kindly suggest 😔
Answer: Hi. soaking your nipples with a warm saline solution, rubbing the area with a washcloth, then nursing or pumping.  While the nipple is healing, apply a warm, wet compress before nursing to help open the milk ducts, then rinse the affected area with saline solution after nursing and gently pat dry. Use nipcare ointment ,totally safe just apply it on the nipple and before feeding wipe with wet cotton.Do not wash with soap as it will make the nipple dry. You could even use coconut oil. To prevent milk blisters make sure that your baby is properly positioned, latched correctly and sucking well. Hope this helps
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Question: I have fibroid and my nipples are paining any remedy
Answer: Hi...Apply coconut oil once you are done with breast feeding and use cotton with water before you start next round of breast feeding. Happy parenting!!!
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Question: My nipples are paining when I breastfeed my baby.. Any remedy for this please??
Answer: Use nipple care cream or try nipple sheild to feed the baby and also massage nipples with coconut oil.it will help.to reduce pain
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