Few days old baby

Question: My nipples are paining due to cracks in nipples. So can I feed my baby in bottle?

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Answer: Apply home made ghee to ur nipples n feed him.. Whenever u r not feeding also, apply ghee. Bottle is fine but ur breast milk will increase production when Baby sucks more..
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Question: I have cracks on my nipples due to which i am unable to feed my baby.. how to heal them?
Answer: Hai Dear... U can use homeopathic medicine internally... Graphites 200 3days-6pills/3times/day... As I'm a homeopath I'm suggesting you this one... If you want to go for Allopathy use NIPCARE cream which contains lanolin in it which will have soothing effect on new mothers breast.... U hav to apply the cream on nipple area which is effected after washing neatly with warm water.... Dont breastfeed the baby the time wen u apply the cream... Wen it is time to breast feed wash the nippl/breast with warm water cleanly and then feed your baby.... N after and before every feed do wash your nipples with lukewarm water... You can also apply malai/meegada to your breasts... It is good as your baby can also suck it, she wont have any prblm from it...
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Question: hi frns. My baby is 17 days old. My nipples are getting cracks. It was paining during breastfeeding. Anyways to cure the cracks? plz suggest me
Answer: Apply nipccare ointment after every feed. And clean it before feeding again. It is very helpfull.
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Question: My nipples are paining when i feed a baby my baby is 17 day old
Answer: Its happens when ur baby is starting sucking ur nipples starting only u will feel pain after sec nipples become softer its happen wid me also its normal nothing to worry and when ur breast is heavy wid lots of milk on tht time only u will feel ur nipples is hard becoz of this only u feel paining..when u feel ur breast is heavy wid milk jst feed ur baby...
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