Few weeks old baby

Question: My nipples are having cuts due to feed its painting alot what should I do?

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Answer: Hi, u can use mamaearth's nipple butter cream. It is really effective.
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Question: My nipples are sore and almost cuts are there which is very painful to feed
Answer: Dear only thing that I did which helped me tremendously was while taking a shower taking luke warm water in a mug adding dettol in it placed ur palm under ur nipple and start pouring that warm water with dettol slowly so that the nipple is soaked in it for few seconds. Do it slowly till 3-4 minutes. Trust me it will help in healing and u will be fine if u do it twice in a day. Just make sure u clean it properly before u feed ur baby.
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Question: My baby is 4 days old. I m breast feeding her. Now my nipples have cuts due to breastfeed n its extremely painful to feed. What should i do?
Answer: Hi dear Just clean it with wet cloth and apply gingelly oil regularly whenever you are not feeding baby...if you feel pain when baby sucks just do pump and feed baby on that side alone till wonds heal
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Question: Hi its been 4 months my nipples are cracked its pain alot and it is dry also wht should i do?Dry skin is coming out of nipples
Answer: hello hormonal changes causes the breast to become extra full and this makes the skin stretch which is the reason for cracked nipples . most of the pregnant ladies faces problem . you can try using a Vitamin E oil around your nipples will make it soft . try not to use lot of soap around your nipples and breast while having bath . you could also take some creams from your doctor and apply it . good luck
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Question: My 2 months baby cries alot its mstly due to gas. What should i do ???
Answer: Hi dear Just lie baby on flat surface and hold baby's legs and pedel as cycling gently which helps to relieve baby from gastric issue...also make a gentle massage with warm mustard oil daily before bath and bath baby with warm water daily it helps baby to ease from gas problem... You can also dip a towel in warm water and squeeze excess water and put in on babies tummy for 10 min...it eases baby from gastric and helos to sleep peacefully
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