2 months old baby

Question: my nipples are flat. my baby is 11 days old. maire se feed nai lta. mai breast pump use kr k dood pilati ho what shud i do?

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Answer: Mera bhi same pblm tha fir maine malish wali mausi lagai unhone malish kar k brest soft kar diya ....aur fir injection k through nipples ko bahar nikal diya
Answer: Try using nipple shield that helps
Answer: Use nipple shield also .
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Question: My baby is 8days old. My nipples are flat... I can't feed properly. How to feed??
Answer: Hey dear use latch assist. It is an apparatus which will help to pull the nipples out. Use before feeding. It will definitely help for baby to suck nipples. U can search as latch assist in net. It will be available in all medical stores.
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Question: Mera nippal flat h jisse baby feed nhi kr paa rahi hai use breast pump se feed karwati hu.. kya ye safe h??
Answer: Hi dear congrats, Don't worry and don't give up. Keep trying to feed the baby through breast, you should help the baby to hold and suck properly by keeping the nipple and the dark portion around it into the mouth. Once baby start to suck then the flat nipples will change. Hope this will help. Take care
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Question: My baby cries a lot & does not take breast feed. How can i make him take breast feed. I use nipple shield as my nipples are flat
Answer: This is a temporary phase where your baby is acting fussy and cranky and is not willing to take up your breast milk. you need to check his weight it should be somewhere around 150 to 200gm extra from his birth weight so if she was 3 kg at birth then she should be 3.200 grams now. if the weight is normal then do not worry check your baby's loo if its little pale yellow or curdy colour then that's normal and this is a good sign that a baby is getting enough milk. Try pressing your breasts gently while your baby sucks milk. This will help to stimulate milking ducts. Change your position. And keep switching between breast as it may be a cause that your milk flow is not enough or your milk is not coming down as required by Baby. if your baby drinks for a while and then again detaches from your brest, this might eventually slow down your milk. if nothing works on try expressing your milk, use electric or manual pump whichever suits you best. electric pumps are of Great Value because they easily Express around 600 to 700 ml milk per day and also you can feed your baby with bottle. if you are baby is cranky and not taking your breast then this is best solution. an electric breast pump will help extract your milk and you can store it as well as feed your baby as in when he cries. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: My nipples are flat and my breast are sagged. Feeling difficulties to feed the baby. What to do
Answer: Use nipple shield for feeding
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